LDAP/PDC- Adding Windows and Linux user accounts in Zimbra Admin UI

Zimbra Open Source Linux and Mac Server

Zimbra Server is the core of Zimbra Collaboration Suite; it is designed with an extremely stable and modular architecture using proven open source technologies. Zimbra Server provides tremendous flexibility because it contains all of the components necessary to run your Linux or Mac based email and calendar messaging infrastructure out of the box; it also connects to just about every popular end-user client through the many standard protocols it supports.

Key benefits of the Zimbra Server:

  • Fast, easy install – all dependent components are packaged together in one simple installer
  • Proven open source – built with Linux, Apache Tomcat, Postfix, MySQL, OpenLDAP, Lucene
  • Uses industry standard open protocols – SMTP, LMTP, SOAP, XML, IMAP, POP, iCal, CalDAV
  • Efficiency and horizontal scalability – Zimbra server is 3-5x faster than comparable systems, plus each server has its own data store, message store, and set mailbox accounts. To scale simply add more servers.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) ready – Multi-tenancy, delegated admin, runs on commodity hardware
  • Easy to administer and maintain – familiar open source components, robust migration tools, key feature advantages like real-time backup and restore; intuitive Ajax-based web Admin Console

Ref.: http://www.zimbra.com/products/zimbra_linux_mac_server.html



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